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 Australian Rules Football
Aussie Footy Panel Profile .....
Introduction - Our Hot New 2010 Profile

Bookies Fav - A Long-term hardened punter pushed this point for years. If the bookies send it out as favourite then its good enough for me to tip in tipping competitions ... no thinking needed. Well we have been testing this theory since 2006.

Home Sides - Is a trusted and very simplistic tipping method. Here we measure the success of the theory that home sides have an advantage. When a team is traveling interstate irrespective of ground they will be deemed to be the away side, unless both teams are traveling interstate. If two teams are playing on a neutral ground then the team sent out favourite by the bookmakers will be the pick.

Ladder - Simple the team with more premiership points on the ladder becomes the tip. Again, assuming two teams are equal points on the ladder the team sent out favourite by the bookmakers will be the pick. * Round 1 the previous years finishing position shall be used.

Guru Bob - Welcome new edition to our panel for season 2010. Self confessed footy nut.

The Professor - Is a combination of all of the above factors, plus individual strike rates against current opponents.

The Computer - There are only 3 things that are important in football .... statistics, statistics and more statistics. Our computer uses an "Elo Rating" system to rate each team. Ever week it them makes slight adjustments allowing for the following reasons

1/ Venue Bias - Statistically does one team have a better past performance at a particular ground.
2/ Interstate Travel - Statistically does a teams performance alter by traveling interstate.
3/ Injury Factor - Statistically do certain teams have an over reliance on particular players.
4/ Ladder Position - Statistically does this make a difference.
5/ Past Results - Statistically does one team have winning edge over its opponent.
6/ Winning/Losing Sequence - Statistically does one team follow any particular trend.

Please note ... ELO Rating System was devised by Professor Arpad Elo for the game of chess. However, we have modified it for our owns purposes to suit the game of Australian Rules Football.

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 Australian Rules Football
AFL Teams ...
Let's not forget one of the most important facets of the game... the teams. Just follow the links to your favourite team and have some fun.

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