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Default Nathan Buckley on Footy Classified Discussing AFL Media

Buckley states his case ...

"Our job is to communicate with our members and to bring them as close to the football club as we can because you're not running skin with the old players the way you may have 20 or 30 years ago. There's so after match like there used to be," Buckley said.

"So we communicate with our fans through our digital media and we try to make our players as accessible as possible.

"My job as a senior coach is not to increase our reach from a media perspective. My job is to prepare the team to play winning football, and if my players are uncomfortable walking into work because they're getting door stopped and they've got a camera shoved in their face, that's not great.

"I feel uncomfortable when someone tries to door stop me. It's not right. Donít do it."

I was not sure whether I should be laughing or crying.

But sorry Nathan the public dont want the "clubs" sanitised, totally contrived, one-sided and dare I say it self-promotional spin.

The public wants open, honest .... facts ....which in many cases would be not in the interests of the clubs.

This is not to say I like the idea of the "door-stop interview" ... there must be a better way.
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