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Forum Rules
Unregistered, You must accept the Forum Rules below to be able to use some forum functions.
Prior to posting on this website, please make sure you read and fully understand all of the following information.
What We Are!
  • 100% Australian Owned - Based in Melbourne Australia
  • 100% Independent Unbiased Media Source
  • 100% Passionate About The Growth Of AFL Football
  • 100% Committed To Providing A Secure Environment

Sadly all of the same could not be said about our online & offline competitors.

Why Should I Take The Time To Read This?

To keep the standards of the forums to a very high level. We are seeking quality input over quantity input every time.

Our Mission Statement

Offer a friendly informative AFL football forum where members treat one another with respect at all times. We aim to promote a game we love.

Respect Your Fellow Members! is a community of people who share a common interest in Australian Rules Football. There are newbies and experts; young and old; all kinds of people participate in the forums. Everyone brings something unique to the forums (yes, even you!). Your personality, experience and self-expression add dimension and make the forums an interesting and useful place. Be yourself but always remember to respect your fellow members.

Personal Comments Or Off-Topic Comments

Primarily this forum is about creating a pleasant environment where all members can discuss all Afl football issues, not a schoolyard, or name-calling and rock-throwing festival. Please refrain from hijacking threads with personal or off-topic comments.

Please Please Stay On Topic

After reading and posting at you may feel as though you have developed friendships with some, perhaps many, of the other posters and readers. This is probably one of the most rewarding parts of participating in a discussion area.

It is only natural to occasionally want to share information with your friends that is Off Topic (i.e. not related to the subject matter of the forum you are in). While it may at first seem harmless to post a bit about off topic (OT) subjects, it can become a slippery slope.

If others join in on OT posts then soon everybody has sent the discussion threads on so many tangents that it is difficult to follow the original topic.

Posting Tips

1/ Post in the board most relevant to your question/problem. Please take some time to get to know these forums in the long run this will allow you to post in more appropriate forum therefore obtaining better quality answers.

2/ Always stick to the original topic, which was stated by the 1st person to have started the thread. If you have a suggestion or comment, which is on a different topic, please start a new thread.

3/ Use a short 3-5 word descriptive title. The forums here get pretty busy at times. Make it easier for everyone by providing a descriptive title.

4/ Please do not place personal comments regarding any matter in any post.

5/ Absolutely no flaming! Do not respond to flamers.

6/ Say Thank You. Very important.

Starting A New Thread

1/ Give the thread a MEANINGFUL TITLE .... Make your title descriptive. The content of the post should be clear from the title. Please be brief in the title of the post (4-6 words), but yet specific enough so readers will know if the post will be of interest to them.

# Titles: should reflect the main content of a post or page.
# should include the main keywords that is in the post (4-6 words approx)
# if it is a question that is being asked in the post - then the title should state that question (see below).
# titles should *not* include emotional elements or evoking words (they should be benign).
# emotional words and flames equal red flags to most people.

2/ Importantly if you are asking a question ... keep it brief or shorten for thread title. You can always expand and elaborate inside the post.


4/ Before starting a new thread, please check to see if there is already a similar topic thread underway. Use the search function .

5/ Before you start a thread, make sure you are posting in the correct forum.

If you have been directed to this page dont take it personally ... we are only trying to help you get what you want. Should you have any question feel free to post here or send me a private message.

Good posting

Forum Guidelines - Zero Tolerance For Spammers


Advertising for items or services, websites and any other kind of advertising is not allowed. This includes (but is not limited to) advertising in posts, banner ads and signatures. We will not allow links or images in signatures unless prior approval by site administrator has been given.

Should you place a external link to site without prior consent of our Administrator a $100.00 a day fee shall apply. Importantly please note the instigator of the link shall be deemed as the "advertiser" irrespective if they have or have not got any business or financial interest in the linked site. All payments should be made in advance and a minimum period of 60 days shall apply.

We hereby give notice that any unpaid links can be removed by us without reason. There upon an administration fee equal to 60 days of advertising shall apply.

All Advertising or linking requests can be made in advance to TalkingFootball(at) . We we look forward to working with you on a mutually beneficial basis.


Avatars are the pictures next to your posts. They should be no taller than 100 pixels, no wider than 100 pixels, and their file size should be no more than 10k. Don't use someone else's avatar unless you get their permission. Make sure your avatar is appropriate, and that it doesn't violate any of the rules.

Signatures Text Only - NO External link allowed

A signatures text that appears under each of your posts. Signatures must only contain approved images or links to any external website. Any signature text must be appropriate and not in violation of our general site rules & guidelines.

NO External Links In Posts

Please refrain from placing external links in your post unless the link relates directly to the content discussed or you are citing the original content owner. Importantly do not place links to image storage sites.


If you get banned, it means that you can't come back. You will still be able to view the forum, but you won't be able to register or post.


Do not post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, or sexually oriented material, or any other material which is in violation of any applicable laws. If you do, you may be warned or banned, depending on the material and whether we might have legal liability.

Copyrighted or Trademarked Materials

It is illegal to post any content that is copyrighted or trademarked, unless you hold the copyright or trademark. Any material protected by copyright may not be posted in the message boards without the expressed permission of the author or owner of the copyright on that material. This includes reproducing the full text of news stories, articles, etc. It is acceptable to provide a link to copyrighted material, to post brief excerpts, or to paraphrase other works, though we do strongly encourage you to cite the original source whenever possible.

Discouraged Topics

We strongly discourage posting certain topics. Sometimes it's because they've been discussed many times before, or because they contribute nothing useful to the forum. We will probably lock these topics when we see them.

Double Posting

If you just posted and want to add something, don't reply again. Just use the "Edit" button to make any changes. If you post the same thing twice, use the "X" button to delete the second post.

Flaming & Trolling

"Flaming" is what people do when they express a strongly held opinion without holding back any emotion. Don't use offensive language, and don't be confrontational just for the sake of confrontation. If you're here to just troll heated topics to get someone to bite you will be asked to stop.

Moderator Abuse

If you think that a moderator is being unfair or abusing their position please contact us here - TalkingFootball(at)

Pictures or Images In Posts

Pictures or Images of any type are prohibited in this forum unless they are pre-approved from site administrator.

Political/Moral Beliefs

We don't want to push our beliefs on anyone, and we welcome members of different beliefs to use this forum. Please be tolerant of other members' personal, political, moral, and religious beliefs, even if you disagree with them.

Text Colours and Styles

Please don't post coloured text, or make posts in all bold/italic/etc. It does make your posts stand out, but it makes them annoying and difficult to read.


Each section of the forums is for specific topics. Please post in the appropriate section. Take some time to learn this forum, posting your questions and comments in the right forum leads to better quality answers or yourself.


See base of page - Plus the adminisration team of here by reserves the right to change any of the above guidelines without notice.

Please remember that posting on this forum (or any Internet forum, for that matter) is a privilege, NOT A RIGHT. Please treat it that way. If your posts are removed due to one of the issues outlined above do not be offended or take it personally. Evaluate what you posted and think about why it might have been removed. If you have any questions as to why your post was deleted or you lost posting rights please feel free to e-mail any questions to talkingfootball(at)

Thank you for adhering to these rules and hope your stay at Talking Football is both long and enjoyable.
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!
 I have read, and agree to abide by the AFL Footy Forums - Talking Football - Australian Rules Football Forum rules.  

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