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Simply Staking Method .. Plus An Interesting System
 Modified Martingale

I believe the modified Martingale system is the most profitable and versatile staking system there is.

Like most staking systems it requires your stakes to be increased after a losing bet. This can lead to some very large bets if your hit rate is low but every winning bet guarantees an overall profit. When combined with a reliable selection system, the modified Martingale produces a regular cash income.

The original system was devised to beat an even money bet such as betting on red on a roulette table.
Imagine you bet 10 on red and win. You have made 10.

If the bet loses however, you double the bet and try again. If this bet wins you get a return of 20. 10 covers your previous losses and again you make 10.

Every time you lose, you double your stake and every time you win, the returns cover your previous losses and leave you a profit of 10.

If a roulette wheel is spun 30 times an hour, you will hit a winner approximately 14 or 15 times an hour - you will average about 146 per hour.

This sounds fantastic but you have to consider the downside.

A spell of bad luck can result in spiralling losses which will sooner or later will exceed the house limit or your own budget. For example, a run of just three losses will mean you have lost 70 and your next stake has to be 80. Lose another three and you are down by 630 and are looking for 640 for your next bet. The chances of this happening are less than 2% but with so many spins of the wheel, this actually happens many times every day.

With that bit of bad news out of the way I'm going to explain about my modified version of the Martingale.

One thing that can be said about the original version is that just one win after any number of losses, will guarantee you a profit.

My version gives the same guarantee but it can be used on bets other than just evens chances.

  1. Start by setting a target profit for each win, above it was 10 so let's stick with that for now.
  2. Divide your target by the odds on offer e.g. If the odds are 4 to 1 then you divide the target by 4 (for 6 to 1 you divide by 6 etc.) This figure then becomes your stake. If your division results in a fraction you should always round up rather than down. This ensures you will either hit or exceed your target.
    With a stake of 2.50, a win gives a profit of 10 - our target.
  3. If you lose you simply add your losses (2.50) to the original target and repeat the process on your next bet. If the next bet is also offered at 4 to 1 the target is 12.50 so your new stake must be 12.50 divided by 4 = 3.13.
  4. Continue in the way until you hit a winner and then start the series again using the original target.
This is a system that can and is used successfully for any number of sports but remember the risks - if you can't pick winners in the first place this system will just accelerate the rate at which you are cleaned out.

So. have a go and good luck with it.

It's a Knockout

This system, as the name might suggest, is used for making the most out of knockout competitions e.g. Tennis, snooker, The world cup etc. etc.

There is one simple piece of logic behind this system and it is this:-

In a knockout tournament of say 16 players, there will be only one winner and 15 losers.
All you have to do is predict one of the 15 losers.

Pick a player who you think will not win the tournament and then in the first round of the competition bet on their opponent to win.
If you were correct and your chosen player lost - you win.
If your player happens to win the first round match then continue betting using the modified Martingale.
If you chose anybody except the eventual winner, they must lose a match at some stage which leaves you with a nice profit.

Most people pick losers more often than winners so why not turn that 'skill' to your advantage.

[Editors Notes ; Although these articles were written for a British audience I suggest they hold true world wide. Article
Courtesy of]

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AFL Sports Betting Tips .. Simply Staking Method - Modified Martingale

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